Radomir Samardžić

The Author of the The Christian Marriage Saver


A Biography

Radomir has been married since 1975 and has known his now wife, Antoinette since 1969 when they both were in their early twenties. They have a wonderful daughter Diana who is presently studying Psychology at JFK University in California, U.S.A.

A passionate interest in the workings of human nature, as well as his vast experience in working and communicating with people in different environments – He has worked in the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, and the United States – has naturally led him to his present vocation.

As a business and personal coach, Radomir is highly committed to his clients’ being at their best at all times and in any circumstances. He sees no option for success, but to “manifest your best.”

DDC Global

Radomir Samardzic, the founder and Director of DDC global is also the author of The Relationship Saver,” “The Gameless Relationship,” “The Relationship Bible” andBest Parenting Principles.” His personal favorite is The Christian Marriage Saver because he considers a God-given duty to help his fellow Christians.

DDC Global is an international consulting firm specializing in relationships in families and organizations. Our relationship development coaches are committed to people building authentic relationships and new futures. We believe that the relationships we have with other people determine the quality of our lives.

Our mission is “To help people be at their best in any circumstance.”

Radomir’s personal mission is “To evolve and responsibly contribute my knowledge and creativity to foster authentic communication in pursuit of dignified excellence and trust among human beings.”

DDC Global operates from Los Angeles, California, USA.